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Easy analytics in-app w/ Alernalytics on GitHub

It’s difficult to track how your app’s users found your app on the App Store. The process if usually Source -> App Store -> Device. We can determine how many customers went to the app’s store page from a promotional page or link by adding a page in between with some tracking code such as Google Analytics and so forth. Once the prospective user is on the App Store page, however, it is next to impossible to figure out whether they clicked the purchase button or not. Users tend to avoid taking a long surveys or doing something that takes extra effort and gives back little in return — a Thank You here and there, perhaps.

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Sigmarion experience, anyone?

I was digging through my garage today and found a NTT Docomo Sigmarion. It’s a small, handheld pc running Windows CE. Unfortunately, it came with a Japanese version of Windows CE. It would be nice to have it display English by default, but it has no language selection. I’ve gotten so far to download an English CAB file from and connect the device to a pc using a serial connection cable. The device appears to show up under the “Other” portion in My Computer. The title of it is “???? ????”, and “System Folder” under the title.

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This should NOT be happening

For the last two weeks, I’ve been unable to submit a minor update for Geometry Stash. It’s unhelpful how the error states that “There was an error saving changes.” and that I’ve already contacted apple support.

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