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Ford Escape Hybrid (2005-2007, 1st generation) Plug-in Cross-Charge Jumpstart

A 1st generation (2005-2007) Ford Escape Hybrid with a “dead” 330V high voltage (HV) battery can be manually charged from wall outlet with the use of a 12V charger when the voltage has dropped extremely low.

When the Ford Escape Hybrid is not driven for long periods of time, the vehicle’s 330V HV nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery loses charge and the decrease in voltage may make the vehicle unable to start.

ford escape hybrid jump start button

Look, we know why you’re reading this. Let’s get your Ford Escape Hybrid moving again!

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Ultimaker S-line 3D Printer Firmware Bed Leveling Triggers a Soft Reset Bug

The Ultimaker S-line printer has an optimized bed leveling procedure that speeds up the preparation process to get printing.

This bed leveling procedure can trigger a shutdown and require a soft-reset when a sufficiently complex model or G-code without Cura style layer indicators is printed.

Ultimaker system error

Let’s find out what is causing this error and possible solutions for both Ultimaker and users.

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SUNLU T3 Marlin Configuration and Controller Board Pictures

SUNLU T3 printer Marlin 2 configuration can be downloaded here.

This configuration fixes a bug where the extruder cooling fan would only turn on when the motors were active and not when the extruder was hot. This could lead to heat creep and a clogged hotend if the hotend heater was left on and the motors were off.

sunlu t3 bottom

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Think Twice Before Booking Through SuperTravel OTA

OTAs can save money when traveling but sometimes you may not get the reservation you wanted. SuperTravel OTA booked a nonexistent reservation and used the payment info on another OTA without my permission.

If you do take the chance booking travel with an OTA, make sure to pay with a credit card.

Google knowledge panel for hotels with OTAs

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