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Creality K1 series 3D Printer Cura Start G-code

Automatically set the correct extruder and bed temperature to match the printed material when printing with the Creality K1 series 3D printer in Cura with the start G-code below.

M140 S0

M104 S0

START_PRINT EXTRUDER_TEMP={material_print_temperature} BED_TEMP={material_bed_temperature}

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Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Spare Tire Upgrade

Add a spare wheel and jack under the cargo area of your Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid (CCH) as the overlanding gods intended.

corolla cross hybrid tire kit

The hybrid AWD model of the Corolla Cross does not include a spare wheel or jack from the factory so we can add the spare ourselves.

I made a tire mount that fits over the power cable lever and elevates the spare tire to avoid stressing the cable.

🛒 Get the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Spare Tire Mount

Spare tire mount assembly notes.

corolla cross hybrid spare tire mount solution

This post covers all things you need to find and mount a spare wheel in the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid AWD.

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Ultimaker S3/S5/S7 3D Printer PrusaSlicer Profile

Prusaslicer to ultimaker

You may need PrusaSlicer to slice a model to print on your Ultimaker S3/S5/S7 3D printer for a multitude of reasons:

  • Slicing error
  • PrusaSlicer specific surface patterns
  • Different prime tower shapes
  • Experimentation

The Ultimaker S-line printers usually refuse to print model G-code sliced with PrusaSlicer and non-Cura slicers by default due to a special header requirement and custom homing/leveling routine.

Prusaslicer profile supported ultimaker printers

I added a PrusaSlicer Ultimaker printer profile that generates the headers and start G-code needed by the Ultimaker S-line printers so that you can easily slice and print to your Ultimaker S-line printer with PrusaSlicer.

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Ford Escape Hybrid (2005-2007, 1st generation) Plug-in Cross-Charge Jumpstart

A 1st generation (2005-2007) Ford Escape Hybrid with a “dead” 330V high voltage (HV) battery can be manually charged from wall outlet with the use of a 12V charger when the voltage has dropped extremely low.

When the Ford Escape Hybrid is not driven for long periods of time, the vehicle’s 330V HV nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery loses charge and the decrease in voltage may make the vehicle unable to start.

ford escape hybrid jump start button

Look, we know why you’re reading this. Let’s get your Ford Escape Hybrid moving again!

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Ultimaker S-line 3D Printer Firmware Bed Leveling Triggers a Soft Reset Bug

The Ultimaker S-line printer has an optimized bed leveling procedure that speeds up the preparation process to get printing.

This bed leveling procedure can trigger a shutdown and require a soft-reset when a sufficiently complex model or G-code without Cura style layer indicators is printed.

Ultimaker system error

Let’s find out what is causing this error and possible solutions for both Ultimaker and users.

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