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A nice background for iOS users

I noticed that a picture I took while walking home one day made a good looking iPhone wallpaper. I looked up, saw a tree, and thought, “how nice, that would be a picture to save”.

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Verifying educational purchases

Have you ever wanted to verify whether an educational purchase has been made? I emailed Apple Support with this question a few weeks ago; they’ve yet to respond after I told them that the iTunes Connect (ITC) guide didn’t elucidate. Today, I called Apple Support and the lady on the other end kindly provided me with an email to the iTunes app reporting team. When asked whether she could check directly, security reasons were cited. That’s understandable.

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Spybotics, work in progress

Every played Spybot: The Nightfall Incident?
Some year’s back, Lego still hosted the Spybotics section on its website. However, it was taken down a few years ago and is skirting around the archives and some game sites.
Spybot: The Nightfall Incident was one of the best games on Lego’s site. It’s no coincidence that the game was included in Jayisgames’s  Best of 2005: Top 20 and has gotten many other “awards” elsewhere. If you searched Spybotics, you would discover numerous users haplessly asking where the shockwave game went. They are all given the same answer: Spybotics is discontinued and Lego no longer hosts the game.
I’d thought of creating “Spybot: The Nightfall Incident” for the iPhone before and I started out last Friday to bring it one step closer on the iPad.

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Easy analytics in-app w/ Alernalytics on GitHub

It’s difficult to track how your app’s users found your app on the App Store. The process if usually Source -> App Store -> Device. We can determine how many customers went to the app’s store page from a promotional page or link by adding a page in between with some tracking code such as Google Analytics and so forth. Once the prospective user is on the App Store page, however, it is next to impossible to figure out whether they clicked the purchase button or not. Users tend to avoid taking a long surveys or doing something that takes extra effort and gives back little in return — a Thank You here and there, perhaps.

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