Release Notes

Release Notes

Major Releases represent a batch improvements for a region. Individual maps are updated in revisions on a rolling schedule. Thus release notes for a Major Release cover all subregion map variants with specified revision numbers underneath the Variant Chart.

Model Filename Chart & Map Specifications 3D Print Settings

USA Regions Variant Chart

Download all USA state printable models

Subregion Variant V1 V2
Lower 48 Linear Scale 1 2
Lower 48 Square Root Scale N/A 1
Alaska Linear Scale N/A 1
Alaska Square Root Scale N/A 1
Hawaii Linear Scale 1 N/A
Lower 48 Combined Low Poly 1 N/A

*Lower 48 is equivalent to Contiguous states.

USA V1 - June 2023
Initial release
USA V2 - Oct 2023
Added Square Root elevation scale models.
Released Alaska
Improved alignment between state borders and dual color print objects.
Death Valley, CA and other inland below sea level locations are now at the correct elevations instead holes.
Increased 3MF model precision from 4 to 6 decimal places.
Maps now import into slicers at the correct size.
3D model previews on now show in contrasting colors.
USA V2.1 - NOV 2023
Reuploaded certain models in CO, OH, OK, NE, NV, MI, ID, AZ, KS, GA that did not compress correctly with 7zip.

Asia Region Major Release to Variant Revision Chart

Subregion Variant V1
China Linear Scale 1
China Square Root Scale 1
China V1 - NOV 2023
Initial release

Europe Region Major Release to Variant Revision Chart

Subregion Variant V1
Czech Republic Low Poly 1