Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid AWD Spare Tire Mount Kit Assembly

Store the missing spare wheel and jack under the cargo area of your Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid (CCH).

Read more about the mount and Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Spare Tires

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Assembly Instructions

The instructions and/or kit are provided “as is” with no warranty and no liability.

⚠️ You are responsible for all modifications to your vehicle and observing proper safety precautions. Failure to properly do so may lead to vehicle and bodily damage. You must consult the vehicle manufacturer or authorized dealer for accurate guidance, procedures, and warranty information.

⚡ Risk of electric shock is present. Familiarize yourself with and follow proper safety precautions when performing work on electrical systems.
Toyota HV emergency response quick reference guide for specific vehicles can be viewed on Toyota TIS here.
Toyota Emergency Response Guide PDF viewable here

Kit Parts

  • Spare tire mount
    • Part 1 (a/b)
    • Part 2
    • Part 3
    • 2x M10x40mm socket screw
    • 2x M10 washer
    • 2x M10 flanged nut
  • Universal tire hold down
    • 1x M8x90mm cap screw
    • 1x M8 nut (optional)

Tools Needed

  • 8 mm hex driver
  • Plier/Adjustable Wrench
  • Insulated gloves
  • Flat insulated screw driver


Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid AWD (1st gen, 2023+)


  1. Preparation

  2. Power Connector

  3. Tire Mount Disassembly

  4. Tire Mount Assembly

  5. Tire Hold Down

  6. Cargo Deck Spacer

  7. Finishing Up


  1. Park the vehicle on a level and dry surface. Ensure the vehicle is completely turned OFF and nonenergize for at least 10 minutes.

  2. Open the rear cargo hatch.

  3. Remove the cargo floor liner by lifting up on the rear edge and lifting it out of the vehicle.

  4. Remove the foam block with Tire Puncture Kit from the vehicles.

Power Connector

Wear insulated gloves, shoes, and clothing. Ensure the work environment is completely dry before continuing.

  1. Pry the black plastic retainer tab outwards from the white plastic lever with an insulated flat tool.

  2. Disconnect the orange power cable connector in the center of the cargo space by lifting the white plastic lever upwards.


The diagram of the spare wheel well is oriented like above.

Avoid excessive force when handling the mount parts If pieces fit too tightly, lightly tap a corner of the part with your fist or soft mallet.

Cable Disconnect-free installation (Unsupported)

If you do not want to disconnect the power connector to attach the tire mount, the lower member of Part 1 can be removed with a fine-toothed saw and sanded smooth at the marked spots below to fit around the cable lever. The tire mount will be weaker and less rigid with this method.
p1 cable free cut

Tire Mount Disassembly

The parts may be shipped a single unit. Separate the parts in preparation for installation in the vehicle. If the parts are already separated from each other, proceed to Tire Mount Assembly.

  1. The top circular piece (Piece 3) interlocks with the bottom 2 pieces with horizontal grooves running from left to right. Slide Piece 3 to the left until Piece 3 leaves the bottom 2 pieces as seen in the animation above.

  2. The rectangular piece (Piece 1) interlocks with the semi circular piece (Piece 2) with a groove on the underside of the pieces. Slide the Piece 1 upwards from Piece 2 until the two pieces separate as seen in the animation above.

  3. Unscrew and remove two M10 nuts on the underside of Piece 1.

  4. Remove two M10 bolts and washers from Piece 1.

Tire Mount Assembly


  1. Slide Part 2 (labeled “2”) from left to right against the metal bracket underneath the power connector. The tongue on Part 2 fits underneath the metal bracket’s raised ridge.


  2. Lower Part 1 (labeled “1a/1b”) from above over the power connector and metal bracket. Part 1 bottom should be flat against top of the the metal bracket.


  3. Reconnect the orange power connector. Flip the white lever down. Pop the black clip back into the white lever.

  4. Place a M10 washer over each of the two M10x40mm bolts.

  5. Insert the M10 bolts through two holes on the front and right side of Piece 1.

  6. Tighten the two bolts to the metal bracket with two M10 nuts on the bottom face of the metal bracket.


  7. Slide Part 3 over Part 1 and Part 2 from the left. The grooves in the parts should fit into each other without excessive force.

Spare Tire

spare tire

  1. Lower your spare tire centered above Part 3 onto the mount. The tire rim center bore surface should be flat against Part 3. You may need to flip the tire to the other side to get an acceptable fit. The tire orientation depends on the geometry of your spare tire.

  2. You can customize and 3D print Part 3 using the released 3D model here. The top of the part may be raised, lowered, and additional cutouts made to better fit your specific tire.

Tire Hold Down

tire hold down

⚠️ You should use a matching M8 threaded tire hold down for your spare tire. Part 1 is threaded for M8 bolts.
The Universal Tire Hold Down part can be used if you do not have a matching hold down.

  1. Insert the M8 bolt into the tire hold down knob so that the hex head of the bolt fits into the hex cutout in the knob.

  2. Insert the tire hold down ring into the tire rim center bore hole from above.

  3. Insert the hold down knob with M8 bolt into the hold down ring. The flat surfaces of the knob will be flat against the interior circular cutout of the hold down ring.

  4. Finger tighten the hold down knob by turning the knob clockwise and applying downward pressure to the hold down knob. Stop tightening the knob when resistance is encountered. Do not overtighten the knob or else Part 1 threads will be stripped.

  5. If there is excessive play in the tire, repeat the previous step.

    The plastic threads in Part 1 are sufficient to hold the tire in place. If you strip the plastic threads in Part 1, the M8 nut cutout on the bottom of the Part 1 may be enlarged to fit a M8 nut for an additional fastening point but this is not tested or recommended.

Cargo Deck Spacer

  1. Measure the vertical distance between the highest point on the tire and the top surface of the plastic cargo deck floor on the left or right. This vertical distance (typically 1-2”) is the thickness of the spacer needed for your combination of spare tire and vehicle.

  2. Make a spacer using the dimensions in the post as a general guide and tailor your measurements for any variations in your vehicle.

  3. Make a circular cutout in the spacer for the circular holder located on the bottom of the cargo floor. This will help keep the floor and spacer aligned.

  4. Put the spacer on top of the cargo deck.

Finishing Up

  1. Put the cargo floor on top of the spacer.

  2. If you have a jack for your vehicle, the jack fits in the plastic cargo deck slot with the rubber circle as a latch.

  3. The Tire Puncture Kit consisting of a air compressor and tire sealant can be either removed from the car or placed under the cargo floor.

Additional vehicle accessories for the jack assembly, Tire Puncture Kit, and dashcam can be found in my released vehicle accessories collection and are available for custom order on the Store.