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SUNLU T3 3D Printer Settings

The SUNLU T3 is a capable 3D printer that is designed similar to the Ender 3 Pro. It’s supposed to work out of the box but the calibration and setup isn’t clearly explained for new users. The T3 prints very well after making the calibration and software tweaks in this post.

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NAVADMIN Viewer Extended Access and 2022 Infrastructure Migration

NAVADMIN Viewer has provided 80k+ sailors with quick access to messages for over 4 years. See the feature chart and roadmap within.

NAVADMIN Viewer icon

NAVADMIN Viewer for iOS now has the Extended Access in-app purchase to support development and offset operating costs. Existing users can continue viewing the 3 latest messages. Extended Access ($4.99/year) unlocks all messages.

Why is there Extended Access? Please read the backstory in the post.

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Stop Making Up Promotional Email Categories

You thought you unsubscribed from company X’s marketing emails. Did you really think it would be that easy?

It would be a shame if you missed out on company X’s newly created promotional email category. Especially if the advertiser is a third party reaching you through company X’s mail list and email server.

Square Spice 6 Modern Indian Spam unsubscribe

We’re mostly powerless to stop this as individuals but marking these spam emails for our email providers’ spam filter is the least we can do.

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