Store and Website Policy

  1. No Warranty and No Liability. The seller and Anson Liu make no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the any physical or digital product. The seller and Anson Liu shall bear no liability for any consequence of using the physical or digital product

  2. Privacy Policy. Your use of all software programs and related services including this website constitutes consent to monitoring and collection. Information may be collected for statistics, development, and debugging purposes.

  3. Cancellation and refunds. Orders may be cancelled and refunded (purchase amount minus any processing and bank fees) if the product has not finished production. Cancellations and order status may be requested prior to shipment by emailing [email protected]. Orders may not be refunded after the product has finished production. The seller has sole discretion on granting return, replacement, and refund requests received.

  4. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is recommended when performing any service or modification to a vehicle. Products sold by the seller are third party modifications and user assembled kits. Consult your manufacturer or certified dealer for further guidance.