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New ringtones in iOS 4.2

In all the fanfare over the iPad version of iOS 4.2. The 4.2 for iPhone update is being suffocated. I was trying to to get my birds to memorize a ringtone today when I clicked on the SMS alert setting in the Settings app. The new SMS alerts play longer than the original alerts. These new additions seem much more creative than the original set, even though we still cannot select a custom sound to play.

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Location aware BART Fares

BART Fares didn’t have much functionality before yesterday. It would just retrieve the current fare using the BART API. I was thinking about features that bay area travelers would find useful. One feature that BART Fares was missing was the ability to locate a nearby station.

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What deleted my SDKs?

When the iOS 4.2 Gold Master SDK was released yesterday, all devs eagerly swarmed around the Apple servers to download a copy. I let my copy download overnight and installed it today. I decided to open up on of my iPhone projects to ensure compatibility. I was poking around the build info when I noticed that the previous SDKs were AWOL.

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"Built-in capability", eh?

Last month, I received an email from the Apple review team regarding an update to Geometry Stash. Remember the post about fixing the video out bug? Well, that update is still being withheld by Apple. The review team’s email included:

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