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iPhone 5 predictions

- 9/14, 7:00 AM Running the iOS 6 GM seed on an iPhone 4. All Apparent Etch apps appear to work. I haven’t been able to test the apps with the taller display since the iPhone 5 hasn’t come out yet. Apps should letterbox on the new screen until I update them to take advantage of the increased space.
Oh wait, let me go pre-order that device.

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Fixing Cyberduck

If you have been using Cyberduck on Windows and have encountered the error Could find part of the path when you try have Cyberduck automatically download an open a file for editing, you tmp directory may be corrupted from a previous instance of editing.
The tmp directory is used by Cyberduck to store the downloaded files when you edit them directly from the program.

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Well, it is now Plebe Parents Weekend here in Annapolis, Maryland and I’m still alive.

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