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Disqus Discovery on an Ad Free blog does not compute

With the Disqus update a few months ago, some users pointed out the commenting service’s Discovery feature. The Discovery feature shows links to other sites’ content at the bottom of your posts.
Disqus Discovery feature
When I checked to see if the feature was active on my site when the Discovery feature was released, it did not appear active so I left Disqus alone.

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Pebble watch (now a brick) cold weather issues

2/23/13 UPDATE - I forgot the Pebble charger at a location which I can only travel to once a week. I used my Pebble watch last Saturday and Sunday (2/16-17) and turned it off during the week until I could get the charging cable today (2/23). On Thursday (2/21) I tried to turn on the Pebble and it had no response) Today (Saturday), I plugged in my Pebble to the charger and it is still dormant. The Pebble watch cannot handle outdoor running and being turned off. Asking for a refund/exchange; will update on progress soon.

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