2007 Ford Escape Hybrid Inner/Outer Tie Rod Replacement

Some pictures, description, and BOM of a 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid inner and outer tie rod replacement.

Big thanks to ChrisFix for How to Change Tie Rods on YouTube! If you intend on replacing your own tie rods, I recommend watching the linked video.

Related Escape City forum post. (Spoiler: You don’t need to remove the steering gear to replace the inner tie rods. Just be prepared to use the clamp tool, extension bar, and breaker bar described further below to get the grip and leverage needed to move the inner tie rod.)

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Vehicle on jack stands

Ford Escape jacked up Ford Escape jacked up

Old original inner and outer tie rod

Old tie rod attached Old tie rod attached

Old original outer tie rod with castle nut removed.

Old tie rod attached

Old original outer tie rod detached.

Old tie rod detached

Old original inner tie rod with outer tie rod removed and boot removed.

Old inner tie rod Old inner tie rod

The old original inner tie rod with OEM Inner Tie Rod Tool clamp attached before unscrewing and removal.

I highly recommend buying the OEM Inner Tie Rod Tool to assist with unscrewing the inner tie rod. A normal OEM Inner Tie Rod Tool will slip!

  • OEM Inner Tie Rod Tool clamp used with breaker bar.
  • Requires 3/8 inch male to X inch female wrench adapter where X is the size wrench of the breaker bar.
  • Requires 3/8 or X inch drive extension bar. Must be ≥ 24 in long so you can reach the tie rod clamp with the breaker bar.

Old inner tie rod clamp

Inner tie rod unscrewed

Old inner tie rod removed

New Inner tie rod w/ included nut locker

**I needed to smear the included grease around the ball joint as per included instruction sheet. **

New inner tie rod

Using the clamp tool to screw in the new inner tie rod.

Use torque wrench to ensure correct torque rating.

New inner tie rod

New inner and outer tie rod installed.

New tie rod installed

Grease zerk fitting visible on outer tie rod. I used a grease gun and Valvoline VV985 grease to fill up the grease pocket on the outer tie rod.

New tie rod installed

Part Torque for Tightening
Inner tie rod 110 Nm (81 lb-ft)
Inner tie rod nut 40 Nm (30 lb-ft)
Outer tie rod castle nut 55 Nm (41 lb-ft)

Complete Repair BOM and part numbers.

View the full spreadsheet here.

Ford Escape Inner Outer Tie Rod Replacement BOM

Anson Liu