iPhone 5 predictions

- 9/14, 7:00 AM Running the iOS 6 GM seed on an iPhone 4. All Apparent Etch apps appear to work. I haven’t been able to test the apps with the taller display since the iPhone 5 hasn’t come out yet. Apps should letterbox on the new screen until I update them to take advantage of the increased space.
Oh wait, let me go pre-order that device.

- 9/12, 2:40 PM Going to find out how Geometry Stash runs on the new iPhone soon. Some of Geometry Stash’s UI objects are positioned absolutely so I hope that iOS 6 gracefully accomodates. Unfortunately I do not have access to a mac computer at the academy so I am going to need to get creative to test compatibility.

- 9/12, 1:17 PM Looks like I was wrong about the display size.

- 9/12, 1:07 PM I have chemistry class from 1:30-2:30. Remember where I’m at. Why?!

- 9/12, 1:02 PM I just noticed that the Apple Store online has a different background than the solid gray used for the rest of the site’s background. Maybe it just comes with the “We’ll be back” note.

Every single site on the internet is making its own predictions about the next iPhone to be released today.

*- Chance of larger screen **

Why? Because it just doesn’t make sense to put a larger screen into a device. The user experience would be degraded as a result.
While many customers say that the iPhone screen is too small, many apps on the iPhone are made for the small screen and use that space efficiently. I covered this last year, too. The same concept is still in effect.
Actually, the question is:
– Bigger screen with same aspect ratio?
The device’s case would need to be larger to accommodate it, the iPhone is big enough as is.
– Bigger screen with different aspect ratio many sites talk of reports that the screen will be taller to allow more widescreen content, etc.
Very unlikely.
A taller screen would have blank space for apps that were not made for the new iPhone. User confusion would entail. Users will say “How come App 1 uses the whole screen, but apps 2 and 3 do not?”. Not every developer is going to shell out for the new iPhone or even update their apps. Many apps on the App Store sit un-updated for long periods of time. You would have some iPhone apps taking up the whole screen and others not.
A new screen size would wreak havoc on some developers’ programs. We already have to develop for 3 screen sizes: iPhone, iPad, and Airplay. Multiply that by two if the application has special resources for the retina display. Developers also need to redesign interfaces to utilize that added space.

I really don’t understand the hype behind this “taller” display nevertheless the surety of sites that there will be a “taller” display.

- New Dock Connector
Very likely
I need to confer with the web on this one. The current 30 pin adapter needs to change if Apple goes for smaller and thinner form devices.
Apple is selling an 8-pin adapter for its devices in Europe to comply with compatibility regulations.
If the device runs fine on a smaller adapter, I see not reason why Apple would not make it the norm.
Still, this does not mean that the 30 pin adapter is going to not be present on the new iPhone. There are millions of accessories made for the 30 pin adapter.
Perhaps the port on the new iPhone will be made for the 8 pin adapter but backward compatible with the 30 pin adapter. I’m wrong on that, Apple will certainly sell a 30 to 8 pin adapter made for the U.S. market.

- NFC chip
Very unlikely
Don’t expect a separate chip or communication channel for this. The iPhone has enough packed into it and NFC chips would raise costs. NFC is also not in widespread use so it would be a useless gimmick for most users.
I expect to see a way for the Passport app to communicate, though. Perhaps through Bluetooth or Ad-hoc wireless means.

- Processor + Camera improvments
*Will happen. *
There should be no question about this. Every year, the past few years, the processor and camera have gotten faster and sharper. The price and size of components is also shrinking every month so a faster iPhone is an inevitability .

Now I need to get going to class at the academy. I’ll be following the event in a few hours and posting some more thoughts.

Anson Liu