The Future for Geometry Stash

Geometry Stash mirroring to an external display

Version of 1.1.10 of Geometry Stash is out the doors. Mirroring to an external display has never been better!
It is highly recommended that you update to the newest version to get the best experience when using Geometry Stash.

Enhancements in this 1.1.10 update:
*Mirroring to external display is now scales to match resolution. Aspect fit mode is used for images.
External displays now show higher resolution images.
Papyrus font removed from start image.
Start image labeling revised to make guide more clear.
Revised text for Circumcenter Theorem 5-2-1.
Improved orientation rotation performance.
New startup images to conform with Human Interface Guidelines. *


We have also tried our best to future-proof the app by updating deprecated code to conform with the current iOS SDK and making the code as flexible as possible to run on future, unannounced devices. As a result of this, Geometry Stash will no longer run on iOS versions prior to 3.0, namely iOS version 2.0. *All iOS 2.0 devices are capable of updating to iOS 3.0 so you should have no problems. *
Why are we doing this now? More info here.

CHANGLOG (prior three versions)
Swapped app’s primary and secondary categories. Now in the App Store’s Reference category.</p>

Revised and centered text for Hypotenuse Leg Triangle Congruence Theorem 4-5-3.
Centered diagram for Exterior Angle Theorem 4-2-4.

Revised Chord Chord Theorem.
Retina diagram images for the new iPad.
New toggle bar for retina devices.

Anson Liu