SCIAF – StarCraft in your browser

The last 3 weeks I’ve taken up a pet project. I’ll call it SCIAF for now. It includes the basics of a classic desktop game.

Main Menu

SCIAF runs in your web browser. It’s coded using standards and widely used frameworks. We’re talking Scriptaculous here, jQuery just don’t cut it.
HTML, CSS, Javascript, the simple usual. It’s interesting to play and easy to edit or add to. I’ve done my best to comment and make the code as readable and flexible as I can.

Box Selection

Most of the basic functions of SCIAF have been set down and are able to be expanded upon if given enough time.

I bet you want the code; you can get it on SCIAF’s GitHub repo. I update the code as new features are added. If you need help with the code, let me know.

No? You want to try it out?
Point your browser to
Link is no longer active, please download the source from GitHub and run it locally in your browser.

SCIAF works best with Chrome and Safari. As long as Steve Ballmer doesn’t like CSS positioning, there will be no IE support.

Anson Liu