Geometry Stash 1.1.6 submitted [Updated]

Retina Display graphics
With hi-res diagrams for the iPhone 4/4S and 4th generation iPod Touch!

Input & Output foldersAutomator was used to quickly convert the files enmasse. We created the iPad’s term diagram images at the same aspect ratio as the iPhone version’s. This way, it was a simple matter of resizing the image’s widths as 640px (in this case).

– The image files were pointed to the script by using Automator’s built in Folder Actions. The input was any file dropping into the ‘input’ folder.
– Image was resized to 640px using Scale Images
– Appended ‘@2x’ to the filename usind Add Text
Note: Appending ‘@2x’ is just an easy way of pointing retina display devices to the hi-res image.
– The final step was to move the “finished” file into the ‘output’ folder in order to avoid confusion. Used Move Finder Items

– You can import the files into Xcode afterwards. Drag n drop

No delays expected for Geometry Stash’s approval — well not like
what happened before

Update: Geometry Stash 1.1.6 has been released.

Anson Liu