Food and Tech

Well, it’s time for Blog Action Day again.

We waste plenty food everyday.

Those scraps of ketchup and bread you wiped off the table? Think of the annual amounts of them if you gathered them up for reuse.

I’m willing to guess that most restaurants waste gigantic amounts of food when they chop off blemished parts of foods or throw out a dish because a patron “didn’t like it”.

Even spent bones contain valuable minerals that go unused. Chopped open, the marrow provides valuable nutrition for all.


You may be wondering how any of this relates to tech. This isn’t just about reusing and reducing. It’s also about using the technology available to us to pick the right food and waste the least. There are plenty of apps available on the App Store that assist in the quest for 0 waste.

On the other hand, food and tech don’t go so well together. When someone with greasy hands uses your device, you may want to wipe it down afterwards. Same goes for mice and keyboards. Maybe you can try popping the keys out of your keyboard in order to get rid of the crumbs that have slithered below deck.

Just blowing on the exposed insides can get rid of most of the gunk.

Alright, I’ll admit it, food isn’t my topic — I was hoping that I’d get an idea for this post between last week and today. I’ll do better for next year’s Blog Action Day. Promise.

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Anson Liu