User misconceptions?

Image Out has been out for most of the last two weeks. In the US store, it’s had a few negative reviews and ratings.

One user said that the app wouldn’t detect the adapter after he had opened the app. The alert that shows when the VGA adapter is not plugged in says “Insert the adapter and relaunch the app”.
– Why: The current version of Image Out checks for attached displays on launch only.
– Now what?
The adapter must be inserted before launching the app.
Update 1.2 is in review. It will be able to detect when an adapter is inserted anytime.

Other users probably rated Image Out one star when they found out that an adapter was required to connect to a display. I guess they expected the app to magically connect and project an image.

One of the reasons that many apps that we would think of as prank/junk get on the Top 25 lists is that users are unaware of their devices’ capabilities and limits.

mood finger reviewPeople download “fingerprint” and “find phone # location” apps thinking that the apps will really scan their thumbs and track a phone # number with satellite imaging.
Or they’ll believe that the app will take pictures when the device does not have a camera, get internet in the middle of nowhere, or become a mirror.

pocket heat

Reviews for Pocket Heat above, ♨ type

Oh, and some reviewers with older devices don’t understand why their apps don’t support multitasking or why they can’t set a custom reviews

iOS users need to be more aware of what their devices can do. Most people do not know that an app, like Image Out, can use the device’s proximity sensor. There should be something like a mandatory reading (for 30 seconds at least) before downloading the first five apps that educates the user about the capabilities of his/her device and teaches them that things like “hand warmer” apps are for entertainment only.

mandatory reading

Anson Liu