Geometry Stash: Back in Action [UPDATE]

looney tunes: back in actionThe title says it all. Geometry Stash is back in action! Persistence paid off and iTunes Connect Support finally pinpointed the root of the issue.

Turns out that two of the images in the Simplified Chinese localization were 1 pixel greater than they should’ve been. ITC support beat around the bush for a while and said that all/some other images were the problem among other things.

However, it all turned out for the best in the end and some great tech support person — sometimes support replied with “Jessica” in the signature — looked into and fixed the issue. Thanks Apple …well for fixing the issue, not causing the six month delay.

Since iTunes Connect alerts you with an error when you attempt to upload a screenshot that is not the right dimensions, I do not think that I could’ve uploaded the incorrect screenshot. Perhaps the ITC system added an extra pixel to the screenshots when processing them.

OMG! updated

Gotta love them happy endings.

Update: Those Christmas tree lights are coming down in the next update, too! Update is in review by Apple.

Anson Liu