Merger with S²

Great news!

Starting today, Apparent Etch is now merging with Sumukh Sridhara Development (S²) to consolidate our broad range of mobile applications.

All investors of both companies unanimously approved of the merger on March 31st, a day before the deadline.

I’m so happy that the merger is proceeding!

said Anson, a developer at Apparent Etch

virtual pizza network

The new company’s name will be Virtual Pizza Network (VPN). Everyone enjoys pizza and a great app while they’re at it!

It’ll be great to develop with the developers at Apparent Etch

remarked Sumukh, the lead programmer at S²

You bet Sumukh, the Virtual Pizza Network will be infused with the simplicity and elegance of its mergers. We look forward to developing better and more useful apps for our users!

April Fools! Apparent Etch and S² aren’t merging, but we’re still working towards making the best apps ever!

Anson Liu