Image Out coming soon

Ever wanted to simply project an image onto an external display but there was no way to do it?

I created Image Out to solve that problem. The app allows you to select an existing image from your camera roll or take a photo using the device’s built-in camera.

Is your powerpoint or image on the internet? No worries, Image Out contains a translucent URL bar that can load images from over the internet. If the image is on its side, you can use the rotation tools to change the angle.

image out screenshot
See Image Out in action after the break

Here’s a picture of the app working with an external display. Just connect an Apple VGA Adapter and you’re good to go!

image out usage

Image Out has been submitted to the App Store and will be available early next week.

For those of you who say that the Photos app lets you do the same, the Photos app only displays the image to the external output when it’s in slideshow mode. The problem with that is that the pictures just keep on rolling by!

Anson Liu