Apple fixes the lock orientation conundrum

mute iPad HUD buttonIn the upcoming iPad iOS 4.3, Apple fixed the orientation paradox by just adding an option where users could choose whether the side switch could either mute the device or toggle the orientation lock.

The HUD button appears as the opposite to whatever the side switch’s option is set at. HUD is mute if side switch is lock orientation and vice versa. You can read about the change on Apple’s iOS page.

Meanwhile, playing with the iPad iOS 4.3’s new multitouch gestures is really fun. Five finger swipe to bring up and hide the multitasking bar and pinch to return to the home screen. This will sure save my iPad’s home button a lot of wear and tear. The home button always seemed abused as it was the most frequently and quickly pressed interface item. Double click to bring up multitasking bar, click more to return to home screen, and click again to return to first home screen…Apple is slowly adding more customizability to the iOS.

This is a follow up to my previous post here


Anson Liu