Date and time tricks

The Fruit Ninja 1.6 update came out yesterday. Looking through some of the new blades and achievements, I saw Bamboo Shoot, a blade, and Night Shift, an achievement which could not be completed until tomorrow at the earliest. Bamboo Shoot required the user to play Fruit Ninja fruit days in a row. Night Shift required 3 games in between the hours of 3 and 5 am.

Bamboo Shoot blade

I remember when the first online “Mafia/Mobsters” game came out on the iPhone. It’s the type of game where you buy virtual goods, do missions, and “attack” others. That iPhone game had a part of the game where one could “own” property and gain interest over time. The first version of the game used the iPhone’s built in date to keep track of time elapsed. Users would just set their devices’ year to 2035 and reap millions of virtual credits inside the game.
I checked to see if this trick worked with Fruit Ninja. Funny enough, it worked and I got Bamboo Shoot and Night Shift in 10 minutes.

Adjusting iPhone date

You can change your device’s time through Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Date & Time. “Set Automatically” may need to be toggled off to manually adjust time. Since I already got Bamboo Shoot, I wonder what would happen if one turned the date back half way through getting the blade. Advice for Halfbrick Studios would be to manage the date and time from a server to prevent tampering.

Anson Liu