Reviving an 'old' app with leader boards

Reflex Rush was created over a year ago. I’ve incrementally been adding small updates since then. The most recent — and probably the last — update released today added Game Center leader boards.

When the game was first released, players would just tilt and set a personal high score. There wasn’t much of a connected vibe to it. After adding Game Center achievements to BART Fares, I decided to experiment with leader boards in Reflex Rush. It was a good combination: fastest time and global rank. The code was very simple. Add the GameKit framework and put in a few lines of code to send the score. I created a separate leader board for each threshold (number of tilts in a certain amount of time).

reflex rush leaderboards

As you can see, there’s only one person on the leader board right now. Hopefully more people will give Reflex Rush a try, it’s a free game.

I don’t foresee writing any more functionality updates for Reflex Rush in the near future. Have any ideas? Tell me below.

Anson Liu