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Mac App Store lacking

  • ~1 min read

I downloaded UltraViolet Dawn lite from the Mac App Store and was playing in it until the app prompted me to buy the full version. I had the game on my iPhone already and had no intention of buying the desktop version in the near future so I proceeded to quit the app.
Uninstalling it was trickier. I owned a copy of AppZapper but using it would be too easy so I assumed that Apple would give users the option of uninstalling their apps in the App Store app.
mac app store purchased items list
Turned out there wasn’t; which is an inconvenience to those who don’t have AppZapper. A bundled uninstall tool would be useful tool for Windows users switching over to the Mac. Perhaps apple will include something of the sort in the future.

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About Fatcow…a review based on past experience

  • 3 min read

Before I switched back to Hostmonster, I used FatCow for one year. The experience wasn’t very good. If you’re looking for a web host to host a personal, photo site for your family, Fatcow may suit your needs. However, if you value reliability, professionalism, and “straight” descriptions, look elsewhere. FatCow is lacking in these. I’ve compiled some of my experiences with them below:

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