Saving an identical in-app purchase "Proposed" description

When Apple rejected an in-app purchase last year, I worked around the rejection and let the in-app sit with the “rejection”, a “Proposed” description that was the same as the original hanging over the in-app. Since the description was the same and had no enter button to submit the updated description, I clicked the Save button a the bottom of the page. Unfortunately it didn’t save the “Proposed” description and yellow exclamation mark hung over the in-app.
inapp purchases

I still cannot update Geometry Stash due to ITC errors and unresponsive ITC support. Today, I tried to fix the error by trying to save the in-app’s “Proposed” description again. Changed a character in the description, saved it, and the “Proposed” description was saved. Weird thing is, trying to delete the in-app purchase and trying to update Geometry Stash create the same generic error message.

“There was an error saving changes. Please try again later.”

If you work at Apple or know of anyone who works in the technical support department, please help!

If you ever need to resubmit an in-app purchase, the new description needs to be different in some way from the old one to be saved. But you could always change the description to the old version after saving the new text.

Anson Liu