Doge Faucet AMI – Let the doge flow!

Doge Faucet - AMI-984d9ff0

Doge Faucet – AMI-984d9ff0. Let the doge flow!

CUDA/CPU mining setup (AMI-984d9ff0 is a ready made version of this script for public use.):

Poclbm/CPU mining setup (Use Erik Hazzard‘s AMI-87377cee. Erik has already setup CUDA, OpenCL, and PyOpenCL on the AMI):

UPDATE: What fun is it when you need to login to each spawned instance and run ~/ to start mining? Copy pasting each instances’ public IP/DNS gets old quick. I would like to be able to mine when the spot instance is low with minimal effort.
Create a script that will be run on boot at /home/ubuntu/

Finally add start autodoge to the /etc/rc.local file right before the exit call.
Now rc.local will start the autodoge service on boot which in turn runs You can edit with your pool details and parameters. I have created AutoDoge Faucet – AMI-70439e18 which has this setup.

Anson Liu