Sic it to the iMac

Apple removed remotes rests from it’s Macs back in 2007. This was when the first aluminum iMacs came out.

Imac remote 20inch

Before, one could stick their Apple Remote to their iMac like shown on the left.


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Now, there isn’t a magnetic spot on the side of the aluminum iMac. We still have a spare remote from our previous white Macbook. Turns out you can stick it to the front of your aluminum iMac. There are magnets under the four corners of the black bezel.

If I remember correctly, those are the locations where the wifi and bluetooth adapters are located. Sticking the remote to them doesn’t seem to adversely affect performance. I took a snap of the remote in it’s new rest below.

Remote on imac

*Credit to unixfool from MacRumors Forums. *



Anson Liu