Submit app, ask questions later

I’ve resubmitted Image Out, finally giving into Apple’s demands to remove the “iPad”, a rounded rectangle, from Image Out’s icon. Gaze:

Original icon
old icon for image out

Revised icon
revised icon for image out

Now, Apple’s reviewer also thought that the display was one of Apple’s Cinema Displays. When I drew the image, that thought never occurred to me, I was just drawing a good looking, generic display. As far as I know, Apple doesn’t own a patent or trademark on the look of a computer monitor.
Especially on a black bezel and silver stand.

Heck, I could be depicting one of those HP 2210m LCD monitors among other displays

the hp 2210mI’m sure Apple will accept this revision of Image Out. Heard nothing from the App– [kangaroo court] for almost a month.


Anson Liu