Image Out is…out!

That’s right, Image Out is now available on the App Store! Get it here.

image out icon

I revised the app icon again and changed the display’s bezel from black to grey. The reviewer didn’t see any conflict with Apple’s current line of displays. Ironically, the grey bezel appears to resemble Apple’s previous offering of silver Cinema displays than do the black bezels represent the current “iMac like” display models.

During the review process, I was experimenting with the iPhone’s proximity sensor and implemented it in Image Out.

Now, when you activate the proximity sensor, like tapping it, while showing an image through Image Out, the external display is blacked out and the audience will see nothing.

It’s a unique emergency feature that could come in handy at times. Either that, or you can just use it to test your device’s proximity sensor. I’ll be posting code for harnessing the proximity sensor sometime. In case you want to figure it out right now, the proximity sensor can be accessed through the UIDevice class. Oh, and the proximity sensor is near the top of the devices. I’ve posted the diagrams from the Apple’s Case Design Guidelines for Apple Devices.
iphone diagram ipad diagram

Anson Liu