Verifying educational purchases

Have you ever wanted to verify whether an educational purchase has been made? I emailed Apple Support with this question a few weeks ago; they’ve yet to respond after I told them that the iTunes Connect (ITC) guide didn’t elucidate. Today, I called Apple Support and the lady on the other end kindly provided me with an email to the iTunes app reporting team. When asked whether she could check directly, security reasons were cited. That’s understandable.

I sent an email to the app reporting team with my question and received a reply less than two minutes later. They must not get too many emails, was the fastest, most helpful response I’ve gotten from Apple, ever.

I’ve excerpted some the message body below:

You will see the Promo Code field populated with ‘EDU’ for educational purchases made. Please refer to the App Store Reporting guide for more information.

I eagerly loaded up the Sales and Trends module in ITC and switched over from Dashboard to Sales. Luckily, the day of the suspected educational purchase was spared from deletion by less than six hours. I selected the date, December 29, 2010, and viewed the table. The Sales and Trends Guide instructed me to look for a promo icon next to the purchase. I found it and when hovering over the icon, read “Education Purchase”.
educational purchase

I hope you found this useful. If you ever wonder when an educational purchase has been made, it’s no sweat.

When asked about buyer info, I got the reply

This information is not available.

Maybe it’s for privacy, but I doubt that the educational buyer (a teacher, probably) would object to telling me what he thinks about Geometry Stash. If you’re that buyer, it would be great to tell me some comments about Geometry Stash. Give me an email at . I’ll even throw in a gift card to make it worth your time.

Anson Liu