Spybotics, work in progress

Every played Spybot: The Nightfall Incident?
Some year’s back, Lego still hosted the Spybotics section on its website. However, it was taken down a few years ago and is skirting around the archives and some game sites.
Spybot: The Nightfall Incident was one of the best games on Lego’s site. It’s no coincidence that the game was included in Jayisgames’s  Best of 2005: Top 20 and has gotten many other “awards” elsewhere. If you searched Spybotics, you would discover numerous users haplessly asking where the shockwave game went. They are all given the same answer: Spybotics is discontinued and Lego no longer hosts the game.
I’d thought of creating “Spybot: The Nightfall Incident” for the iPhone before and I started out last Friday to bring it one step closer on the iPad.

View the video below for work so far.

As you can see, I’ve scrapped together some resources and coded an access key retrieval level. Would be nice if I had all the original graphics files…

When finished, the game will be free as the shockwave game was free, too. Stay tuned for updates. I’ve contacted Lego Group about legal issues, but they haven’t replied yet. I’d really like to talk to them about some things.

1/11/11 *Update: Gotten moving into the tail to work *almost* correctly. *

Anson Liu